The 2019–20 Australian bushfire season is an ongoing bushfire event in Australia that has burned an estimated (18.6 million acres; 186,000 square kilometres; 74,000 square miles), destroyed over 5,900 buildings (including over 2,779 houses) and killed at least 34 people.

Regarded as one of the worst bushfire seasons in memory, dubbed Black Summer, the fires had burned through more land than any other blazes in the past 25 years. Firefighters from New Zealand, United States and Canada helped fight the fires, especially in New South Wales.

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Official Charities for the Australian Bushfires (Swipe)

Donate to The Salvation Army Australia
Donate to Australian Red Cross
Donate to RSPCA
Donate to WIRES
Donate to WWF
Donate to GIVIT
Donate to NSW Rural Fire Service
Donate to South Australian Country Fire Service
Donate to Country Fire Authority
Donate to St Vincent de Paul Society
Donate to Department of Fire & Emergency Services in Western Australia

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